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Phoenix Wedding Caterer Advice:  Direct From The Pros

Champagne Toast

It’s your BIG DAY! Don’t leave anything to chance. We at Phoenix Party Bus asked some of the top wedding caterers in Phoenix their advice to making your reception one to remember!

Champagne Toast

"The food at the reception is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. What are some tips you give your couples to ensure this part of their big day goes off without a hitch?

Artistic Touch Catering

From our true and honest experience, we know that problems and issues will pop up. However, with a well trained and rehearsed team problems and issues can quickly be resolved without interrupting the special event. One of the tips we love to share with our couples is to just have fun and know that they have hired the most capable and well-prepared catering company.

-Artistic Touch Catering LLC

Our advice is to book early. This will give you lots of time to work on the menu, and figure out exactly what you want to make your celebration memorable. Also, select food items that excite the two of you: remember, it's your day!

-Hula's Modern Tiki

Short Leash Hot Dog & Sausages

When you hire a food truck to cater your wedding there are a couple things to consider.

One: It is a food truck and therefore you have to enjoy the food truck experience. That being said there is going to be a line while food service is underway.  Let your guests know that it’s  part of the social experience.  If its a small wedding this is usually a non-issue because guests can order food at their own leisure. If it's a larger group then you may need to rely on a wedding coordinator or DJ to help release tables so that the truck doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Two: The great thing about using a food truck is that its typically much less expensive than a traditional caterer. Food is served on disposable plates and napkins, avoiding additional charges from caterers and minimizing the clean up process. That being said the food truck staff is often minimal and will not have the ability or capacity to help with clean up or set up outside of the truck. This is often coordinated with the venue.

-Short Leash Hot Dogs & Sausages

At GT's We like to start with making sure that the Bride and Groom get the menu and food they want, after all it is THEIR big day. We like to make sure they have a proper amount of food so their guests won't leave hungry! We make sure to keep communication going with the couple, venue and wedding planner, so when it gets to the big day everyone knows exactly when everything is happening! We don't want the Bride or Groom to have to worry about anything!

-Good Times Rolling Kitchen

Good Times Rolling Kitchen
Joes Real BBQ

We like to tell our clients to let us sweat the details on the day of the big event.  Weddings should be a time when the focus is on making great memories, not worrying about the food.  It is important to talk through all of the details in advance, then use a caterer that has a great track record of showing up early, and making sure the food and beverages are incredible and noteworthy.  It is important to discuss before-hand who the onsite contact person will be, providing their cell number, and discussing how the service will look.  Are there buffet tables, chafing dishes, an on-premises kitchen?  Is there a service entrance for the venue the caterer should use? Knowing all of these things in advance will ensure things go off without a hitch.

-Joe's Real BBQ

Hire the professionals! Save the "do it yourself" projects for the guests favors on center pieces. Don’t do anything yourself that you cannot complete at least 7 days before your event.

Save the week before the wedding for your out of town guests and wedding related festivities. Remember the wedding is for the Bride and Groom, the reception is for all your friends and family. Plan the type of event you’d like to have. Figure out what that will cost you per person and then invite the number of guest you can afford. 

Make sure your Caterer has been around awhile and invites you to their facility for a tour of the commercial kitchen where your food is being prepared. Catering is far more than providing food, it is about the organization, the presentation, the quantity, and the service.  Restaurants may make good food but cooking and transporting for a crowd is not the same thing. It is illegal to prepare food outside of a commercial kitchen. Do not hire a caterer that says they will prepare the food on site unless there is an inspected certified kitchen. 

Experienced Catering Executive Chefs understand the pars you need to feed your crowd. There should not be leftovers that you paid for and you should not run out of food. That being said, don’t be stingy with what you offer your guests. Offer the appropriate amount of food for the time you are serving. If it's dinner time, serve enough to feed your guests dinner.  If you just want to serve cake and fruit, have the event between 3:00 and 5:00, not a proper meal time.

-Heidi's Events and Catering

Heidi's Events & Catering
Witnessing Nature in Food

We at Witnessing Nature In Food are so excited and privileged to help assist you with the next step of your lives together!  We are a Full Service Eco Conscious Organic Catering Company.  Since this is the first celebration meal you will share with your Family and Friends., we have a detailed questionare to ensure we cover everything so we can take things off your plate and put them on ours.  We want you to focus on being in the Spotlight and having a Perfect Day to start the Rest of Your Lives Together! 

We have a diverse menu allowing you can select the vision of your event, and we will work seamlessly with your other wedding celebration specialists creating a time line and detailed list for you and your planner to know where everything we provide is and at which time making it predictable.  Through collaboration we can provide the event you wish and that is unique to the both of you!

-Witnessing Nature in Food

Compiled by Phoenix Party Bus

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