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The Ultimate Wedding Guide!

Hour upon hour was spent interviewing countless Phoenix wedding planners, wedding photographers, wedding venues, and wedding DJ’s. They were all asked to provide their expert advice on a particular wedding question related to their profession. We are very happy with the results and feel that this is the Ultimate Wedding Guide for any couples looking for great advice to make that big day extra special!

  • Phoenix Wedding Caterer Advice

    Phoenix Wedding Caterer Advice

    It’s your BIG DAY! Don’t leave anything to chance. We at Phoenix Party Bus asked some of the top wedding caterers in Phoenix their advice to making your reception one to remember!

  • Phoenix Wedding DJ Advice

    Phoenix Wedding DJ Advice

    For years I have practiced my trade geared around the bridal party. More specifically the bride and groom, I like to customize all my playlists for weddings based on the musical taste of the bride and groom.

  • Phoenix Wedding Photographer Advice

    Phoenix Wedding Photographer Advice

    You want a photographer you can trust ... wholeheartedly. I believe how we do one thing, translates into how we do most things.

  • Phoenix Wedding Planner Advice

    Phoenix Wedding Planner Advice

    Congratulations on your engagement! Now to the planning! There are so many questions when it comes to planning a wedding from what dress you're going to pick out to the desserts at the reception.

  • Phoenix Wedding Venue Advice

    Phoenix Wedding Venue Advice

    While hosting your reception at a residence instead of a venue can save big on cost, it can sometimes introduce more of a headache.

Phoenix Party Bus is a luxury party bus and limousine company located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in all aspects of wedding transportation, from the bachelor/bachelorette parties, to the actual wedding and reception. We know that your wedding is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. The transportation for this big day shouldn’t be a concern while you are walking down the isle. With countless weddings under our belt, Phoenix Party Bus is proud to be your go to transportation company for your special day!