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We Have the Best Party Bus and Limo
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Phoenix Party Bus Haunted House Tours


A lot of people come to Phoenix to experience the many haunted places and attractions that would surely heighten that cold, ghastly feeling like the Orpheum Theatre where there have been countless reports of an entity whacking people in the head and even appearing in pictures of guests, or The Rosson House with its inexplicable locking doors and ghost sightings. So if you’re looking to get a group of friends together for some fun and freaky haunted house tours, book a ride in the Phoenix party bus or limousine for first-class fun and a great place to sit back and relax after a terrifying time.

Voted “Best Haunted House in 2015”, the Fear Farm Phoenix Haunted Hayride is home to one of the scariest places in Arizona. From the city you could hear the vivid screams resonating from the farmland which welcomes those daring to make a night at the farm. They also include several haunted events to make the tour more interesting such as The Witch, The Bunker Slaughterhouse and more.

There is also the 13th Floor Haunted House located on West Bell Road. Here, the creators explain the legend of why many buildings don’t include the 13th floor and why it is considered to be unlucky. For most accounts, there seems to have a rich tale of poor souls who would opt to stay in the infamous numbered floor and scare anyone wishing to disturb their presence there. Visitors will be able to witness the many oddities and strange occurrences from the “residents” that created the legend and why it persists to this day.

Another favorite destination is the Orpheum Theatre, a known haunted historical landmark. Other than the ones mentioned earlier about this place, ghosts are reported to be also bothering the performers on stage and perhaps even taking unsuspected roles during plays. Hosted by the Friends of the Orpheum Theatre, they offer a chance to tour the Orpheum Theatre as only a few people can.

We could also take you to Mesa in our party bus or limousine where the Crypt Haunted Attractions take place. For $25, you will be able to witness three attractions that are guaranteed to leave you sweating and running. For $35, you’ll be able to skip general admission and go through The Crypt, The Asylum, and The Chaos Maze.

No matter what time of the year it is, we can take you and your group to the many haunted places and attractions in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Give us a call so we can start planning for a day or night of terrifying fun and thrilling experiences.

Phoenix Party Ride is committed to making sure you can enjoy your travel to and from the haunted house tour knowing you’re in the hands of certified, experienced and covered drivers. So, have a relaxing ride, arrive in style and enjoy the beverages of your choice in safety as we take care of all your haunted tour transportation needs.

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