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Phoenix Wedding Venue Advice


It’s your BIG DAY! Don’t leave anything to chance. We at Phoenix Party Bus asked Phoenix wedding venues their advice to making your wedding one to remember!


“What advice do you offer to couples who are debating on having their wedding reception at a residence opposed to a venue?”


While hosting your reception at a residence instead of a venue can save big on cost, it can sometimes introduce more of a headache. Using a venue can be a positive investment on your Big Day! Many venues can bring past wedding coordination experience to the table and provide staffing, inventory, set-up/tear-down assistance, and flexibility of space. Thus, saving you the time and hassle of decorating and additional costs of rentals. Trust us – we know picking a venue can be tough, which is why we always suggest touring and viewing multiple spaces with your layout in mind so you can really make it your own! Speaking of making it your own, here at because we offer a 10% give-back program so you and your partner can spread your “Just Married” vibes to a charity of your choice. That’s just one way #becausecares.

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There are many benefits to choosing a wedding venue versus having your wedding at a residence.  When booking a venue, you obtain the experience of an event professional that will guide you through the wedding planning process. Most wedding venues will provide the tables, chairs and equipment versus renting in these items for use at a residence. Venues are also equipped to handle both lighting and electrical demands to support the vendors often used for weddings such as the caterer, DJ, or the company providing a photo booth. 

Having a wedding at a residence can raise the following questions, “How do I keep the wedding private? How do I protect myself and my guests from incidents? How do I keep the wedding running smoothly? Will there be sufficient parking?” When booking a venue, these issues are typically not a concern as the venue has policies and procedures in place to ensure a safe, successful event. 

Parking arrangements should be considered for any wedding event.  In a residential area, parking can be challenging as the area may not be able to support parking for a large number of vehicles.  Venues on the other hand, will typically have a sufficient amount of designated parking for their events.

The biggest advantage of booking a venue over a private residence for a wedding event is the benefit of having most of their arrangements taken care of or coordinated by the venue.  With the help of the event coordinator available at most venues, the bride and groom can enjoy themselves on their special day knowing there is someone designated to overseeing their event and to keeping the timeline flowing.

The advice I would share with any couple debating whether to have their wedding at a residence versus a venue would be to research and identify the pros and cons of each.  Also evaluate any potential challenges and logistics involved in either option.  Going through this process will provide the foundation for sound decisions in the planning process. 

Glendale Civic Center

Glendale Civic Center
12 West Main


I would highly recommend to keep in mind that when choosing to have your wedding reception at a residence especially if its outdoor you have the possibility of having noise complaints from neighbors nearby. Weddings are supposed to be a fun celebration and the last thing anyone wants is cops showing up due to a noise complaint. Opposed to having your reception at a venue you don’t have that worry. 

12 West Main

Our biggest piece of advice for couples that are debating between having their wedding at a residence opposed to a venue is to always keep in mind the importance of hiring a coordinator and what is going to make this day special for you. This day is once in a lifetime and you don’t want to forget about all the little details that will make you remember this day forever. A coordinator is someone who will make the day stress free and take the workload off of you. This is you and your spouse’s special day and no one can take that away from you! 

Aldea Weddings

The Farm at South Mountain

One of the biggest perks to having your wedding at a Phoenix venue, such as The Farm at South Mountain, as opposed to a residence is that a venue will offer services and amenities that make planning your wedding much less stressful.  At The Farm we offer everything you need to have the perfect wedding all in one convenient package.  Some of these amenities and services include tents, tables/chairs, speakers, a DJ, staff, security, and much more!  The Farm at South Mountain features two distinct venues; The Canopy in the Grove and Stone Grove. Having the option to choose from two different wedding venues at The Farm allows you to pick the one that fits your style the best.  Another benefit of going to a wedding venue as they can have relationships with other companies that could help you fulfill all of your wedding needs.  Here at The Farm we have a very close relationship with Santa Barbara Catering Company, one of the top-rated caterers in the Valley.  Thanks to this relationship we can assure your wedding is supplied with some of the highest-quality dining options in Phoenix.

The Farm at South Mountain

Backyard weddings are beautiful. But they are so much more work. All those things that could go wrong, usually do. You have to rent tables, rent chairs rent pretty much everything and then the worst of it all when it’s all said and done is you have to do the clean up. By the time you account for all of that, you could have paid a Venue, who’s job is to do this frequently. We fix all the problems, we do all the set up we do all the clean up. It definitely makes your life way easier to book with a Venue then a residence.

The Wedding Area at Chilleens on 17

The Chilleen on the 17
Starfire Golf Club Logo

Although many couples perceive a wedding at a residence as a less expensive option to a formal venue, there are additional costs that are not always initially thought of. You need to have tables, chairs, full place settings, possibly heaters/air conditioners, extra bathrooms, and so many other features that will cause the cost to rise. A venue is already built with all of the necessities in mind. There are beautiful landscapes on the premises for photos, all of the licenses and staff are taken care of, and you are working with coordinators who have done similar events in the past. A venue keeps your stress level, and budget, at a minimum, leaving you to enjoy your wedding day as a newlywed, and not feeling as if you worked all day.

Starfire Golf Club

The allure of hosting a wedding at a private residence opposed to a wedding venue does offer brides some perks. Brides can have full creativity to style the wedding of their dreams and the benefits of no food & beverage minimums. However, there are a lot of details that get looked over when making their dream wedding into reality. Brides need to consider the following:

  • You may have to rent EVERYTHING; tables, chairs, dance floor, linen, china, lighting, etc.

  • Does your private residence require additional power for lighting or a luxe porta-potty for restrooms?

  • Do you need permits to build a tent or know what time the local sound ordinance allows your DJ Entertainment to play until?

  • Will you need insurance to cover any damages that may incur?

  • Will you hire a day of coordinator or ask a family member to ensure that everything is being delivered and set-up properly while you are trying to enjoy your big day?

Most wedding venues take the stress out of your wedding day by including tables, chairs, linen and china in their packages. At the Kiva Club, we offer full set-up & teardown, as well as, onsite coordinators to assist with your timeline, floor plan & vendor coordination. I have heard horror stories of family members spending hours setting up, washing dishes and stacking chairs and not being able to enjoy the wedding. I definitely recommend comparing the work involved of hosting your wedding at a private residence versus the wedding packages of your favorite venues. See if you are ready to take on the challenge of a total DIY wedding experience or would prefer to enjoy your engagement and big day with the comfort of knowing a venue has got you covered.

Kiva Club

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We inform guests our all inclusive packages where they have the comfort in knowing everything will be handled for them from the vendor connections to the set up on the day of the event; we offer couples the comfort of having everything in one place.

Venue at the Grove

Compiled by Phoenix Party Bus

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